About us

Our Story

We are Michela and Hassan, both licensed tour guides in Oman with many years of experience. We deeply love Oman, and it's an honour for us to be able to assist visitors from around the world as they explore the Sultanate. We strive to give our guests the most complete spectrum of information so they can fully enjoy and comprehend the beauty and variety of this incredible country.

The idea of this ebook was inspired by the need we felt was compelling for travellers to learn and retain more details about the various aspects of Omani heritage. Many of our guests are taking notes during the tours, but the local names can be a little confusing, easy to mix up, and quickly forgotten. We felt that we could cater for our guests' needs by creating a compendium of the main aspects of Omani traditions and artefacts, to be used as a guide but also as a sort of notebook to better organise memories and considerations.

Thus, Souvenirs of Oman was born—a useful resource for delving into Omani culture and craftsmanship. With our guide, discover the wide range of local habits, attire, handicrafts, foods, and more. Navigate around the most famous souks with maps and insider tips. Spot some of the best Omani brands inspired by tradition. Find the finest mementos for you and your loved ones to keep Oman in your heart forever.


Our Vision

We aim to become a prime platform for the celebration and promotion of Omani heritage. We wish to contribute by giving visibility to the products that honour the identity of the Sultanate in order to forge, day by day, a global awareness about the quality of products made in Oman.


Our Mission

We are committed to enhancing travellers' experiences in Oman by offering a wide range of cultural, practical, and visual references.


Our Logo

The golden figure of our logo represents a captured Jinn (a genie), which was often engraved on the back of silver medallions for protection and good fortune. It used to have chains or ropes at its feet and waist that were supposed to be a warning to the evil spirits not to disturb the owner of the medallion if they didn't want to end up captured as well. 

We hope this little Jinn will bring you and our ebook good luck!