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Book Description

Souvenirs of Oman is a practical and cultural tool to dive deep into Omani culture and traditions, divided into five main sections plus an introduction.

In the Introduction, you find an essential description of Omani habits to be aware of while visiting and practical information for the traveller. Additionally, you find an explanation of the book structure and the best way to navigate it, with hyperlinks within the book itself and to external web pages.

Omani Identity  is the main bulk of the book. It is a detailed description of the main features composing the complex tapestry of Omani heritage. Cultural and practical references guide you through the uses and significance of Omani handicrafts and products. For each item, you are given an account of its uses, the best place to buy it, the average cost, and, for some items, suggestions on possible alternative uses. In this section, there are icons that help you quickly identify the part that interests you more.

Souks and More takes you around the most important souks of the Sultanate with tips and hints on what the best buys are in each of them. Beside the permanent souks, weekly markets and other shopping opportunities are also presented. From this section, you can jump to the Maps section through the interactive headers that are clickable and coloured blue.

Shops and Brands is the luxury counterpart of Souks and More. Here you will find a list of high-end businesses that honour and preserve Omani heritage. This section is thought to be a tribute to the role Oman has had historically in the region since the III millennium BC. Oman was not only a major commercial hub where goods were traded but also a melting pot of people where ideas and influences were exchanged. In the same way, this section is built as a modern platform to present some of the best products and ideas Oman has to offer and to be a hub where Omani heritage is a framework that leverages business, collaborations, and cultural exchange.

Maps are hand-painted illustrations of the main areas of the five most visited souks, with practical indications such as ATMs, pharmacies, money exchange bureaus, toilets, etc., and pointing out the main places of interest in terms of shopping and cultural experiences.

Appendices is the final section, where you can find useful vocabulary and interesting notes about the Arabic language and the local Omani-Arabic accent and pronunciation, as well as a glossary of Arabic and Omani terms.


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Format: Interactive PDF with hyperlinks to easily navigate within the book and to external web pages

Views or variants: Desktop and Mobile

Recommended app to view the ebook : Adobe Acrobat Reader

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